Peak Rotary Vise C-Clamp

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Our other option for the PEAK Rotary Vise, our
remarkable C-Clamp mount (PRVC-1). As with the
Pedestal Base configuration (PRV-G2), PEAK's
C-Clamp Mount option (PRVC-1) is engineered to
outperform the competition. Reverse the lower
rabbeted jaw to get a grip range from 2-1/4" to
11/16". Jaws ride on precision guide rods holding
the jaw faces parallel, there is no rotating clamp
screw bearing against your table to damage the
finish. Clamping is accomplished with a large
comfortable tri-lobal clamp screw. The deep rabbet
engages rounded table edges so your vise won't
rock. You won't find a more stable, versatile, robust
clamp and it's the only clamp that will accept our
accessory post. As one review stated "you could
press wheel bearings with this clamp."

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