Exofficio Bugs Away Sol Cool Knit Bandana

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You'll use it everywhere. With technologies combining active cooling, sun protection, and insect repellency, this scarf's 3. 5+ square feet will protect your head, neck, or anything else exposed. Or hang it anywhere for a little privacy screen of UPF 50, bug-free comfort. ExOfficio® loves innovation, and developed the new BugsAway® Sol Cool™ technology to give you the ultimate in travel comfort and protection. Sun protection and cooling: Sol Cool™ Jade fabrics slowly absorb and quickly release heat, creating a cooling sensation on the skin. The fabric is cool to the touch and wicks moisture. Cool and fresh: Sol Cool™ Xylitol knits react with moisture to create a cooling sensation, and SILVADUR™ activates silver ions in the presence of undesirable bacteria, helping eliminate odor. Bug blocking: BugsAway® apparel is treated with Insect Shield®, giving you invisible, odorless protection just by putting on your clothes. The treatment is bound to fabric fibers, so it stays in your clothes—not on your skin—and lasts through 70 washes. Ants, flies, chiggers, midges, and ticks don't like it, and neither do mosquitoes, which can transmit insect-borne diseases such as Zika, Chikungunya, Dengue, and West Nile viruses.


Measures 23” x 23”

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