Costa Del Mar Tasman Sea Sunglasses

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This body of water between New Zealand and Australia has been called one of the roughest stretches of sea in the world. The gripper temple holes of these large frames will keep them in place on any journey, and when you finally make it to land they’re just as useful while you kick back and relax behind their beach styling. Bio-based resin is used to stay mindful of both the sea and the shore.


  • Costa Tasman Sea sunglasses for men offer a modern sport-wrap styling with sophisticated lines and exceptional performance
  • Creating innovative eyewear since the early 1980's, Costa sunglasses marry the latest in technology and design for the active lifestyle 
  • These rectangular, full rim frames, constructed in impact resistant TR-90 Nylon offer a durability that embraces your outdoor lifestyle 
  • Featuring advanced non-slip nose pad inserts and temples these shades deliver outstanding comfort wherever life takes you 
  • Enjoy rugged dependability and embrace the great outdoors in style with the Costa wave logo at each temple and a range of color and tint options 
  • These sunglasses are available with a mirror coating option on certain colors. Mirror coatings are suitable for protection from intense light. A mirror coating reflects back light and reduces the amount of light passing through the lens. This makes it more comfortable for eyes in very sunny conditions.
  • These sunglasses are available with polarized lenses on certain colors. Polarized lenses have a filter within the lens that blocks the wavelengths of light that cause glare. They can greatly enhance contrast and allow for greater depth of vision, especially in water. They are ideal for any situation where glare reduction is necessary, like driving or playing sports.
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