Fly Fishing the Seasons in Colorado by Ron Baird - Softcover

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Broken into four equal seasonal sections, with general locator maps, and 5-10 primary locations, each receiving 1,500 words of narrative-based advice and description about, Fishing the Seasons: Colorado shows the best waters to fish at a particular time of year how to fish them.

From the Back Cover:

 The best waters to fish at each time of year—and how to fish them

In fly fishing, it’s not the time of day, a hatch of insects, or the character of the water. It’s the season. From spring and summer through fall and winter, changes in weather dictate changes in approach. Understanding the seasonal variations of fishing strategy is necessary for any angler, and Fly Fishing the Seasons: Colorado is the first-ever guidebook to tackle the subject.

Focusing on the world-class Colorado waters, this guidebook details each season with a general locator map, five to ten primary locations, full descriptions of the area, the region’s history and stories, and hard-won advice on access, strategies, and tactics. Want to know the best waters to fish in this particular month or span of months? What flies and techniques to use? Fly Fishing the Seasons: Colorado will become just as indispensable as your fly box.

About the Author: Ron Baird is a retired award-winning journalist. He is the author of Dark Angel, iUniverse, 2001, a mystery and the first installment in the Aaron Hemingway series, as well as Fishing Colorado: A Falcon Guide. He and his wife Nancy Morrell, live in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado.

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