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Feeding Time: A Fly Fisher's Guide to What, Where & When Trout Eat - Hardcover

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To catch trout, you've got to understand their diet and feeding patterns.  AUthor Jason Randall simplifies complex questions like what are they eating and when by turning ti the science behind animal feeding behavior.  Feeding Time covers how trout feedign behavior changes throughout their lives, from alevin, through juvenile, to mature fish.  You'll learn about what trout eat- plankton, aquatic insects and terrestrials, crustaceans, mammals, leeches, eggs, even other fish- and where each of these food types are likely to be in the stream environment.  You'll gain insights into fishing terrestrials, fishing an insect emergence as well as before and after the hatch, and days when there is no hatch at all.  Feeding Time will change your ubderstanding of the fish and how to target them.

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