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Bob's Fly Tying Tips & Techniques

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This book should appeal to anyone that ties flies. It has information for anyone just starting out to someone that has tied for over 50 years. Many of the tips included in this book have been gained from 65 years experience in tying flies and will not be found in other publications. The chapter on threads and thread control provides detailed information on the characteristics of the various threads and how to control the thread during the tying process. This is probably the most important part of the book and not often mentioned in other fly tying books. The chapter on organizing your tying area includes tips and information on the ergonomics of tying to make your tying more comfortable and enjoyable. Bob is a strong promoter of teaching others to tie, especially youth tying programs. The chapter on teaching others to tie provides useful information and tips to make this easier and more effective. You will find a lot of new information in this book that is not commonly found in other books on fly tying. Most tips have color photographs and a detailed description to help the reader understand the procedure. This is a true tips book and even has a few blank pages in the back to record your own tips learned at fly tying shows or online. You will probably want to keep this near your tying area as your fly tying reference book.

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