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Basic Techniques for Successful Fly Tying - Softcover

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Master the basic techniques that will allow you to tie thousands of different patterns for fly fishing with speed, ease, and efficiency. In Basic Techniques for Successful Fly Tying, authors Befus and Berryman accelerate the learning curve by breaking down each of the individual fly-tying techniques step by step.

With simple instruction and more than 200 color photographs and illustrations, the authors:

* Set up shop with sound advice for materials, lighting, workbenches, vises, and other tools and equipment.
* Troubleshoot common problems that beginning flytyers encounter such as material selection, figuring out proportions,     working with dubbing, and controlling the tying thread.
* Present tailing, hackling, winging, and dubbing techniques and more.

This straightforward instruction has helped thousands of people become successful flytyers. Experienced tyers will find the tips inside a valuable refresher on the basics, and beginners will learn how to tie like a pro.

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