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Smith Creek Trash Fish

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The Smith Creek Trash Fish is a waste fishing line holder that allows an angler to easily coil and control the waste fishing line that's created while fishing. The Smith Creek Trash Fish is the spent-line-wrangler that allows anglers to coil spent line then hold it together in their pocket until it's ready to be trashed. Keeping mono out of the environment helps anglers to keep our streams clean.

Smith Creek president/designer Wayne Smith writes: "I've seen way too much fishing line on the riverbank and I got so tired of re-stuffing spent leaders and tippets back into my vest pocket that I finally designed a tool to make them stay put... I didn't want another tool hanging from my vest but something simple and slim, which easily fits into my pocket. This is a serious, easy to use and well made tool." Lightweight but rugged Smith Creek quality, made from anodized marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel fasteners. Uncompromising fishing gear, that's built to last a lifetime.

All Smith Creek products are crafted from the finest materials, anodized marine-grade aluminum, no corrosive fasteners, UV-resistant materials, even the thread in the wading belts and Net Holster straps.


  • Holds waste fishing line securely and out of the environment
  • Easy to use; simply coil line around tool and fingers
  • Compact and lightweight, it fits easily into your pocket or tackle box
  • Rugged Smith Creek quality using anodized marine-grade aluminum and UV-resistant materials
  • Eco-friendly, keep our streams clean
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