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Smith Creek Net Holster

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The Smith Creek Net Holster is changing the way anglers are carrying their nets. It is quite simply the new, better way to carry your landing net. It holds your net securely, and out of the way, against your back. It keeps the net from being caught in bushes and trees while walking and from swinging around your back and getting in your face while bending over. It also puts an end to fumbling with a clip behind your back to unhook your net while trying to control a fish-heavy rod with the other hand. "Quick to draw, and easy to holster" sums up this great new product perfectly. 

The Net Holster fits any type of belt or wading belt and is adjustable so it can hold any type of net - big or small, wood or metal. No longer have to wear a vest to carry your landing net, also works great with front and sling packs. 

It's patented worldwide and hand made in New Zealand from non-glare anodized aluminum with a UV resistant strap, it's built to last a lifetime. 

The Net Holster was created and designed by Wayne Smith, originally from California. He's now a Kiwi who sailed his boat to New Zealand twenty years ago and decided to stay. Mr. Smith has been flyfishing for almost fifty years and he came up the idea of the holster while hiking to one of his favorite North Island Rivers. For years he copied one of his professional guide friends by sticking his nets handle in his wading belt behind his back. He knew there had to be a better way when one day freezing cold water suddenly ran down his back from the hole worn in his waders by the handle. 

Mr. Smith comments, "I wanted a design that was tough, compact, and ergonomic. It had to be comfortable to wear and I didn't want to have to take it off when jumping in the car to drive to another stretch of water. People are telling me that they're wearing their nets again because of the Net Holster."

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