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25 Best Most Versatile Flies - Spiral

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"Clear concise easy to follow photos and text with pertinent flies. Don't know what else you can ask for in a tying book. Great job, Al." Kelly Galloup, Federation of Fly Fishers Living Legend award winner, author of Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout; "Al Ritt is a master tier, but he is also one of the few who has mastered the art of teaching as well. And in this book,25 Best Most Versatile Files, he threads the often complicated stories of fly development together with concise direction and clear photos, for a book as helpful to the beginner as it is interesting to the advanced." Erin Block, author of The View from Coal Creek; "Al Ritt's 25 Best Most Versatile Flies is sure to appeal to fly-tiers of all skill levels! Easy to follow pictorial instructions not only allow readers to maintain their enthusiasm from page to page, but also provide tiers the platform to see how they can apply their own innovations to the patterns that Al so eloquently lays out for them." April Vokey, founder, Fly Gal Ventures, field editor, Fly Fusion Magazine, and Board of Directors, BC Federation of Fly Fishers; "This is a very cool book. The fly-tying instructions are clear and concise-very easy to follow. And the histories of each of the flies featured in this book really play to the nerd in me. I love it! Al Ritt is as talented and likable in writing as he is on the water." Jay Zimmerman, author of In Neck Deep: Stories from a Fisherman, The Top Ten Guide to Fly Fishing, The Best Carp Flies and How to Tie Them; "We've long known Al Ritt to be an excellent fly tier, skilled teacher and superb demonstrator. This book is an extension of the man and his talent. For those seeking to advance their tying ability or learn a new discipline Al's book will not disappoint. We highly recommend it!" Gretchen & Al Beatty, owners of BT's Fly Fishing & Photography.

About the Author:

Al Ritt has been tying flies since 1983 and is currently a fly tying instructor and fishing guide in the Rocky Mountain National Park. His many roles include - brand manager for PEAK Fishing and PEAK Outdoors, fly tying editor for Fly Fusion Magazine and fly designer for Montana Fly Company. He has written many articles for fishing magazines and as a demonstration tyer, has appeared at numerous fly shops and Expos.

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